Obama's Newest Worst Idea Ever--Fannie II

February 2009 brought us Barack Obama's "stimulus" plan--$800 billion worth of progressive agenda-packed deficit spending that produced zero economic improvement and increased the national debt. One year later, President Obama offered the American people a $3.8 trillion 2011 budget that increased the national debt by another $1.3 trillion. March 2010 saw Obamacare become law. The measure, pitched as a job-creating economic stimulus, was but a federal power-grab for a sixth of the U.S. economy, a power-grab which will degrade medical care, increase industry-strangling regulation, and balloon the national debt. Then in February 2011, an arrogant, debt-ignoring Obama tried but failed to sell Congress and the people an insane $3.7 trillion budget which would have exploded the national debt by another $1.65 trillion. All throughout, Mr. Obama has cast his fiscal shenanigans in a green tint by issuing nonstop calls for increased taxpayer subsidization of manufacturing of the type engaged in...(Read Full Post)