Obama's Last Groupie?

The original Wonkette still gets all, um, misty for Barack. "He inspires, he believes, he rallies...", Ana Marie Cox coos in her latest column for the Guardian of London.  Cox,  the original Wonkette (her founding tenure, when wonkette.com was owned by Gawker Media, was from 2004 - 2006), is now back in print with the  Guardian. Today was her first substantive column. The Guardian is the UK's leading anti-American newspaper. It's home to Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Robert Fiske. Wonkette's former mistress will fit right in. From her piece -- a paen to the eloquence of the President's recent speech to the Congressional Black Caucus (that's right, the one Maxine Waters (D. Cal.) thought was disrespectful), it's obvious the strawberry-blonde provocateur still believes in Barack. It's nice to know somebody does. It should be noted that Ms. Cox's post-Wonkette ventures, such as her stint with Time's Swampland blog, were less than ideal.  Those...(Read Full Post)