Obama team's twitter trap

The purportedly internet-savvy Obama team has fallen into a Twitter trap, and it can't get out. The AttackWatch.com snitch website, already the butt of jokes, is the subject of endless mockery on Twitter, thanks to the site's creation of a so-called hashtag on Twitter (#attackwatch), enabling anyone interested in following the subject to receive tweets which carry the hashtag. Best of all, the hashtag cannot be revoked, or controlled by Team Barry.  It is out there, and they can do nothing about it. Ross Kaminsky lays out the dimensions of the disaster at The American Spectator, pointing out that young voters, once solidly for Obama, are the heaviest users of Twitter, as well as the dfemographic having the hardest time with enemployment, and facing a grim future. The mockery of Obama on Twitter continues to roll merrily along, making Obama into a laughingstock. Kaminsky writes:   If there has ever been a more spectacular failure of a propaganda campaign in such a short...(Read Full Post)