NY-09: The real take-away

Democrats aren't trying really hard to spin yesterday's loss in Anthony Weiner's old U.S. House seat.  Yes, Weiner's bizarre sextexting scandal certainly didn't help Democrats, but in a congressional district so overwhelmingly Democratic -- since the 1920s, no less - a suitable Democrat should have held the seat with little trouble.  Instead, veteran state legislator David Weprin lost handily to Republican rookie and retired businessman Bob Turner.  The reason?  In a word, turnout.  Only 22% of registered voters chose to turnout in yesterday's special, enabling Republicans, Republican-leaners, and the district's significant Orthodox Jewish population to have disproportionate impacts on the election outcome.  Republican Turner very smartly focused his campaign on two issues: the economy, or Barack Obama's abysmal handling of the economy, and Israel, or Barack Obama's insistence that Israel return to its 1967 borders (suicidal for Israelis). The real...(Read Full Post)