No Springtime for Hitler at Columbia?

Columbia University just issued a heated denial-denial about Adolf Ahmadinejad's forthcoming visit to NYC.   This denial sounds like that old joke about the cheatin' hubbie telling his wife he's not nekkid in bed with Susie, he doesn't even know who that woman is, and who you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes? I count five denials in three sentences from Columbia. All those news reports about Ahmadinejad and El Presidente Lee Bollinger are damned lies! (The news reports) "fundamentally misstate the University's role in this unconfirmed possible encounter. Simply put, there never was one. In fact, at no time has there ever been any university event planned or considered involving the president of Iran, nor has there ever been any plan for a dinner involving the Iranian president and President Bollinger." I don't even know that nekkid gal in my bed! It was just an "unconfirmed possible encounter," honest! Doesn't anybody teach English there anymore? I count 53 words in...(Read Full Post)