NH Poll shows Perry falling, Romney surging

This snapshot of the race as it stands today reflects some hardening of opinion with Perry slipping significantly and Romney gaining considerable ground. Some pundits are making a big deal about Jon Huntsman's doubling of support to 10% but considering how low he was previously, his boost is inconsequential to the eventual outcome - unless he can double that support again. Romney (41 percent) gained 5 points since June, followed by Ron Paul (14 percent), and Jon Huntsman (10 percent). Huntsman and Paul gained 6 percent each since the last poll. The single-digit tier consisted of Perry (8 percent), Sarah Palin (6 percent), Michele Bachmann (5 percent), and Newt Gingrich (4 percent), while Rick Santorum and Buddy Roemer each received 1 percent. Eleven percent of likely New Hampshire GOP primary voters were undecided. "Mitt Romney is saying 'get out of my back yard' and making New Hampshire his strong firewall despite showing some weakness in the other states' early primaries," said...(Read Full Post)