More evidence warmists wrong

The IPCC and other warmist promoters have dismissed the role of the sun as negligible based on calculations of total solar irradiance (TSI).  The claim is that the increase in TSI during the latter part of the 20th century (coinciding with the Grand Solar Maximum, a period of very active sunspots and magnetic effects) could only drive a small amount of the measured warming of the Earth. Since current theory offers no alternative explanation, carbon dioxide emissions are blamed as the culprit.  But our understanding of the sun is growing by leaps and bounds, and we are learning many things about solar activity that we never knew before. Experiments at CERN have shown that a dearth of solar wind, those charged particles emitted from the sun, allows cosmic rays to reach the Earth and drives the formation of clouds which act to reflect more sunlight back into space. We now know that the sun's magnetic field is far more intimately involved with the Earth's than anyone had...(Read Full Post)