According to high level women at the White House, President Obama fits the definition of a male chauvinist pig. Who would have believed it? Too bad liberal feminist voters looked the other way when candidate Obama told a female reporter "hold on  sweetie" or when a watchdog group revealed the Senator paid his male staffers more than female employees working in comparable positions. What about when he objectified Sarah Palin in campaign ads?  Now according to his book, Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and The Education of A President, scheduled for release on September 20 journalist, Ron Suskind tells what it's like for women in the Obama White House. I guess electing the most pro-abortion President doesn't make up for being treated like Palin and Clinton in 2008. One of Suskind's unnamed sources, a "top female official" stated the discrimination was everywhere even in the Oval Office. "The president has a real woman problem. The idea of the...(Read Full Post)