Maureen Dowd can't help herself

Here is Maureen Dowd in today's NY Times: "[Obama] took two of the boldest risks in history - jumping into the presidential race in the first place and giving the kill order on Bin Laden on sketchy intelligence." Let me see.  Might any other "risks in history" be categorized as "bolder"?  Consider for a moment, D-Day June 6, 1944 when General Dwight D. Eisenhower had to quickly decide despite inclement weather forecasts whether to proceed with l anding 160,000 allied troops on the hostile Normandy coast. Washington's decision to cross the Delaware Grant's decision to order the Union Army to cross the Mississippi River to lay siege to Vicksburg. Caesar decision to cross the Rubicon with his legions knowing he needed to either achieve victory or face certain death; "the die is cast". The Wright Brothers' decision to risk life and limb at Kitty Hawk. Nathan Hale's decision to spy on the British. These "risks in history" spring to mind with hardly any cognitive effort....(Read Full Post)