Liberals Helping the GOP

See also:  Solving the Democrats' Obama Problem,  Will Scandal Drive Obama Off the 2012 Ticket? A recent Washington Times's article by Seth McLaughlin, asserts that the left wing of the Democratic party, led by the irrelevant Ralph Nader, are planning to field candidates against Obama in the Democratic primary. Their goal is to ensure Obama stands for liberal policies and argues the liberal agenda! Cue the rambunctious cheer of Conservatives and Republicans!   The worst scenario for Republicans and those wanting to defeat Obama in 2012, is a Democrat candidate who is popular, not attached to far left extremism, and has experience in high level government; namely Hilary Clinton. Recent polls by Bloomberg show that Hillary has maintained a high approval rating during her tenure as Secretary of State. Over the last two years she has wisely distanced herself from the extreme policies and legislative agenda of Obama; thus removing the strongest Republican argument...(Read Full Post)