Johnny Pods on Obama's 'Country before party' meme

I find it insulting that the president equates opposition to his policies with partisan rancor. This is especially true since he is Washington's number one partisan, constantly on the attack against Republicans for not doing what we're told to do. John Podhoretz at Contentions blog has a good comeback for this descpicable meme: And it's utter nonsense. Offensive nonsense too. Obama isn't truly asking Republicans to put country before party. He is asking them to elevate the interests and ideas of the Democratic party higher than their own ideas, their sense of what is best for the nation, and their deeply held convictions about the moral hazard posed by a too-large government and a populace too reliant on it. They won't do it, and they shouldn't, and the next time liberals complain that conservatives unfairly impugn their patriotism, Obama's effort to do just that with his loyal ideological opposition should be thrown in their face. Podhoretz should send this to Speaker Boehner who...(Read Full Post)