Huntsman's doubletalk on creating jobs

Why is no one among the Republican candidates raising the issue with Jon Huntsman about his family's corporation moving jobs to China?  I remember reading years ago in the Albuquerque Journal about the Huntsman Corporation closing down a facility in Albuquerque and moving the operation to China.  Running across this article recently revived my interest in what should be a key issue in Huntsman's run for the presidency. Here's a guy who likes to talk about his ability to create jobs, but the question begging is, "In what country?" Regarding Huntsman's pledge to create jobs here in America, the author has this to say: The message coming from Huntsman, however, rings hollow. Not only does he support the nation's failed trade policies that have cost millions of jobs and allowed products like the iPhone to be made in China, he and his family have made billions exploiting those trade policies. Huntsman Corp., a family-owned chemical company perhaps best known for inventing...(Read Full Post)