How Do You Say Sayonara in Farsi?

I searched for the Web for the proper translation but to no avail. All I want to do is bid Sayonara to the Iranian Navy's Fifteenth Fleet as it sails into harm's way. And, boy, do I ever mean harm's way. As the Israeli Navy begins a buildup of warships to protect against growing Egyptian militancy, the Iranian government has decided to dispatch its Fifteenth Fleet to the Red Sea, "to patrol the high seas and thwart pirate raids."

Uh huh...

The Iranian Fifteenth Fleet, which consists of  "a submarine and several other vessels," could very well be sailing straight through the Straits of Paradise should it attempt in any way to interfere with Israeli naval operations against Egypt, Syria or the Palestinians.  For decades, the Israelis have repeatedly demonstrated that they do not suffer foolish military adventurism gladly.  For the Iranians to threaten such bald interference into issues affecting Israel's borders is inviting a naval disaster comparable to leaping into another Lepanto.

I think the naval forces of most major nations would give long, thoughtful pause to the idea of going up against the small but extremely lethal Israeli Navy, especially within operational range of the Israeli Air Force.  The advanced Israeli missile boats should be intimidating enough all by themselves but throw a submarine or two and a whole swarm of fast patrol-torpedo boats equipped with Hellfire missiles into the mix and I'd say the Iranians are definitely sailing straight into harm's way if not oblivion.

Perhaps Achmadinejad could coax the Twelfth Imam from the well just in time to go down with his ships.