Massacre of black Africans in post-Gaddafi Libya

Here's an under the radar story that won't get much play in the west; those freedom loving jihadists who overthrew the Libyan dictator are roaming the streets, victimizing foriegn workers from African nations like Chad, Nigeria, and Sudan, and in many cases, shooting them dead.


Tens of thousands of foreign workers have fled Libya since the armed revolt against Gaddafi's 42-year-rule began in February, with Africans afraid they have become targets for fighters who accuse them of being mercenaries for Gaddafi.

This antipathy appears to have spread to all Africans, leaving them vulnerable to attacks, robbery and other abuse by the gun-toting, mostly young, fighters who ousted Gaddafi.

Identity cards of nationals from Chad, Niger, Mali, Sudan and other African states have been found on the bodies of gunmen who anti-Gaddafi fighters say were paid to confront them.

Reporters saw the bodies of 22 men of apparent African origin at a Tripoli beach Saturday, people who locals said were mercenaries killed by anti-Gaddafi fighters.

Elsewhere in Libya, dead men of African origin have been a common sight since the uprising, as has been the sight of ill treatment of Africans by Libyan anti-Gaddafi fighters.

Libya is full of young men with guns who appear to be taking advantage of the chaos by robbing the unpopular black minority of everything they have, and shooting those who offer reistance or who get in the way.

Racism is certainly playing a role, although there appear to be a few black Africans fighting with the anti-Gaddafi forces. What really is driving the violence is the participation of mercenaries from Chad and the Sudan who were used by Gaddafi as shock troops, killing civilians on sight and spreading terror wherever they went. Of course, the overwhelming majority of victims have been in Libya for years as part of the foreign work force, so in the end, it appears to be a combination of hate and opportunity for loot that is driving the violence against black Africans.