Herman Cain surprise winner in FL straw poll

Herman Cain shocked the GOP world on Saturday by winning the Florida straw poll, garnering 37% of the vote. Rick Perry, whose debate performances have come under fire in the last 72 hours finished a distant second with 15%. Mitt Romney got 14% for third place. Perry's campaign needs some good news to right itself. These Floridians, at least, believe that Perry needs to work on his messaging and his debate skills: Pinellas County delegate Rachelle Warmouth said that, if Perry lost, it wouldn't be the end of his campaign. But win or lose, the debate performance and the effect it's having on party loyalists are a call to step up his game. "He'll have to have a strong recovery," she said. "He needs to focus on his message." Warmouth's friend, Eileen Blackmer, agreed: "He needs to work on the three C's: Be clear, be concise, be complete." Lee County delegate Dane Eagle said he's for Romney. He likes the candidate's message and polish on stage. And he fears that President Barack Obama...(Read Full Post)