Have We Forgotten About Sundays?

"Sundays are for church, for family, for rest, for God," my father used to tell me on Sunday afternoons, when I was growing up.  Because I was young and very active, I could not understand why Sunday afternoons were not about calling friends to see if they could come out and play.   It seemed to me like Sunday was a perfectly good day to round up the neighbor kids for tag or kick-the-can.   But Sundays were primarily about church and God in my house, because my father was a minister.  As an adult, I can now really appreciate the Christian notion (as directed by God, 'in the beginning') that there should be a single day of the week that is committed to worship, rest, and reflection about our Creator.   Monday through Friday, for most of us, is filled to the last minute with work and family obligations.   Saturday is the day of rat-racing from sporting events to errands, and from housecleaning to lawn care -- basically, everything that...(Read Full Post)