Happy Constitution Day!

Two authors offer Constitution Day thoughts for our readers:  Phil Boehmke: The 112th Congress of the United States began its term by reading the U.S. Constitution.  Many on the left dismissed this gesture as a parlor trick and a means of pandering to the Tea Party.  Many conservatives wondered if this congress would have the faith and courage to embrace the principles which have made our Republic the world's great bastion of freedom. Today is Constitution Day in America.  For several hours yesterday I asked friends, acquaintances and total strangers if they knew what September 17th was.  The most common response was of course "Saturday."  This was not a big surprise to me since Constitution Day is not printed on most calendars (although most list 9/16 as Mexican Independence Day) and there is little if any fanfare suggesting the significance of the day.   This begs the question, is the U.S. Constitution still relevant to the people it...(Read Full Post)