Guilty until proven innocent?

Wait a second! I thought you were considered innocent until proven guilty! What the heck! Are we now expected to prove we are innocent if wrongly convicted. Is this judge saying that if someone is convicted of murder, then subsequently the prosecution's case falls apart but because he can't prove he didn't do it, you're still guilty?  This judge, William T Moore, was appointed by President Clinton. Check this reasoning out. "But the judge overseeing the hearing, William T. Moore Jr., decided that in order to overturn the original jury verdict, Davis needed not only to cast doubt on the evidence against him, but to provide "clear and compelling" proof of his innocence. In an August 2010 ruling dismissing Davis' appeal, he declared that while the state's case "may not be ironclad," Davis failed to make a showing of "actual innocence" and thus should not be granted a new trial. The evidentiary hearing was the first such legal proceeding in more than 50...(Read Full Post)