Forthcoming movie on conflict with China

The movie "Two de Force" is in its final stages of post-production,  and will be in theatres, near you, very soon. It is categorized as an action packed movie, featuring a head to head confrontation between the United States of America and The People's Republic of China. It could be classified as an update of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  China decides to blackmail America in order to collect the ever increasing debt, but with intimidation, declaring the US Dollar as useless.  A very possible and certainly realistic scenario which could very well happen in the near future. This idea is neither considered to be impossible and/or far-fetched, and has unquestionably crossed the minds of Chinese and Americans alike. A simple combination of the ongoing financial disaster in America with the ever increasing debt to China is already producing a dangerous level of tension. Many experts are predicting some kind of a showdown or even some type physical aggression from China. This...(Read Full Post)