For Blacks the Obama Honeymoon Is Over

  For an increasing number of the  blacks who bought a ticket to Obama's 2008 traveling 'hope n change' show, disappointment and embarrassment are replacing their inaugural euphoria. Obama's support among all groups, including African Americans, has been slipping. Five months ago, 83 percent of African Americans held "strongly favorable" views of Obama. But in a new Washington Post-ABC news poll, that number dropped to 58 percent. In an exclusive interview with Black Entertainment Television (BET) on September 26 President Obama blamed the falling numbers on his administration's failure to effectively communicate "what they were doing for the American people." I think that the more you're in this office, the more you have to say to yourself that telling a story to the American people is just as important as the actual policies that you're implementing. Many black co-workers of mine are finally catching on to the "storytelling."  While President Obama exalts...(Read Full Post)