Football and politics: Obama's failure as 'head coach'

As you know, the Republicans are allowed "equal time" on the networks after any formal address by the president.  And, if Obama has the audacity to denigrate the time-honored traditions of presidential addresses to congress and opening night of the NFL season with a taxpayer funded campaign speech, then by all means, in their response, Republicans should be more than willing to accommodate the president's decision to campaign instead of govern. The Republican response is a golden opportunity to expose Obama's failed attempt at leadership to the American people. And because of the seriousness and gravity of America's economic situation, whoever responds for the Republicans shouldn't mince words or beat around the bush; they should look directly into the eyes of the American people and tell it like it is. In the spirit of the occasion, maybe the Republican response should go something like this: (Cue Monday Night Football intro music...) President Obama begged for a chance to...(Read Full Post)