Environmentalists self-destructing

Walter Russell Mead diagnoses how environmentalists undermined their own cause in Under the Bus: A Pack of Pouting Greens. Snail darters beware: green political cluelessness is about to rock your world. The United States and the world need a strong and intelligent environmental movement.  We won't get one until and unless the press stops flattering and indulging the pack of incompetents who currently lead it.  Good (but poorly conceptualized) intentions linked to terminally stupid ideas and self defeating methods are a terrible curse.  They steadily discredit environmentalism and push those who care about the environment away from real influence.  I don't actually enjoy tweaking the greens -- but until the mainstream press gets on the case, somebody has to point the way. That a friend like Mead chooses to describe you like this is telling: As green leaders choke on their locally sourced, organic heirloom vegetables in impotent rage and ponder writing really,...(Read Full Post)