Chilly dawn for America

It's damn cold at Bryce Canyon National Park before sunrise, since it's over 8,100 feet in elevation. The crisp fall air of southern Utah and the Colorado Plateau already foretells a hard winter. We were hoping to catch that magical moment when the sun's first rays begin reflecting off the orange and red spires of Bryce. Unfortunately what we saw were heavy gray clouds to the east that would certainly defeat our efforts. The grey clouds became a metaphor for the past 34 months of this Socialist Administration, blocking the pure light of freedom, liberty and prosperity from the land.  As we shivered, waiting for the light I thought who could America blame for it's shattered state? The usual suspects, Obama, Pelosi, Wall Street manipulators and their Democratic whores, the lap dog liberal media, Soros and his happily bribed Sonderkommando's, the unions infected with rabid leadership and grotesque greed, Freddie, Fannie and the Fed, while all sincerely malevolent to this country and...(Read Full Post)