Carville to WH: Time to panic

I don't think Carville recognizes it yet, but the White House is already in panic mode - they're just so incompetent we can't tell the difference between business as usual and hair-on-fire hysteria. CNN: People often ask me what advice I would give the White House about various things. Today I was mulling over election results from New York and Nevada while thinking about that very question. What should the White House do now? One word came to mind: Panic. We are far past sending out talking points. Do not attempt to dumb it down. We cannot stand any more explanations. Have you talked to any Democratic senators lately? I have. It's pretty damn clear they are not happy campers. This is what I would say to President Barack Obama: The time has come to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you are headed. I don't know how else to break this down. Simply put: 1. Fire somebody. No -- fire a lot of people. This may be news to you but this is not going...(Read Full Post)