Candidates Disappoint on Science and Climate

The Republican candidates failed to explain clearly to the American people why the Democrats' stated concerns over climate change are wrong.  Asked essentially to name a scientist who does not believe in man-made global warming, Rick Perry dissolved into almost a-mumble that the "theory" of man made climate change is unproven.  While that is fine, its only his assertion, not evidence, and it is not a direct answer to the question posed.  Jon Huntsman proved himself a gullible nitwit by adopting the so-called consensus. The man-made climate notion is that carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring atmospheric trace gas that is essential to all life on earth, is a harmful pollutant when industry and vehicles emit it, because it will warm the Earth dangerously.  This is at best an hypothesis.  Thousands of scientists have questioned the so-called consensus, and although being asked to name a few is perhaps unfair, they include people like Roy Spencer, S. Fred Singer,...(Read Full Post)