Cain's big advantage

It's anybody's guess as to whether Herman Cain can go the distance. But here's another item to put on the plus side of the scales. The Dems have gotten considerable mileage out of accusations of scientific illiteracy on the part of the GOP candidates. This is largely due to the healthy stand taken by most of the field against global warming panic, but has also Rick Perry's clumsiness in dealing with questions concerning evolution and Michelle B's ill-advised attack on the Gardasil vaccine. (There's scarcely a vaccine in the medical armory that hasn't been accused of causing "retardation" at one time or another.) Well, lo and behold, one widely overlooked entry in Cain's resume is the fact that he's a trained scientist, with degrees in both mathematics (from Morehouse College) and computer science (from Purdue) Furthermore, he actually worked as a professional mathematician, computing potential missile trajectories for the Navy, something that not even the great Al Gore can...(Read Full Post)