Biden equates Tea Party, GOP with 'Barbarians'

I always wanted to be a barbarian. Eating meat off the bone. Not having to take a bath. And pillaging helpless towns and vvillages sounds swell. Maybe there's a fantasy camp somewhere... Apparently, though, for many Democrats, the Tea Party and GOP really are barbarians: Biden, whose mouth has long been a liability for Obama, was at an AFL-CIO rally when he told union members: "You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates...the other side has declared war on labour's house." Let loose the hounds! Biden made this rather incendiary remark at the same venue where that paragon of moderation Jimmy Hoffa called on union members to "Take these sons of bitches out." Maybe its a good thing we're barbarians if we're going to have to go to war and prevent an attack that would "take us out." For myself, just give me an ax and a broad sword - oh, and some rope, of course: These comments were not nearly as bad as the statement last week by Congressman Andre Carson that members of...(Read Full Post)