Barone on the 'Audacity of Weakness'

Michael Barone writing in the Examiner nails it: A third Obama weakness is his propensity to charge his political opponents with playing politics when he is doing exactly that himself. In previewing this latest jobs-and-the-economy speech, Carney said that Obama will make the case "that politics is broken, and that politics is getting in the way of the very necessary things we need to do." This from the president who has brushed aside one bipartisan initiative after another, from the health care initiative of Sens. Ron Wyden and Bob Bennett to the recommendations of his own fiscal commission headed by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. Instead he has taken a purely partisan course on one issue after another -- and heaped blame on Republicans. He invited House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan to his speech at George Washington University and then lambasted him harshly. Obama has been so consistently blaming Republicans in recent months for not approving the free-trade agreements with Korea,...(Read Full Post)