Are suicide rates increasing due to Obama's failed economic policies?

In an affluent New York suburb, community members spent this past weekend mourning the loss of a fifty-three year old resident who took his life. Apparently, the father of three and Harvard Business School graduate became so despondent after recently losing his investment banking job that he drove to a park that he often frequented and hung himself. This is the fourth suicide in this one town in just a year. As the U.S. economy dips into another recession, unemployment numbers remain in excess of 9%, and Barack Obama's solution is comprised of more of the same tax and spend rhetoric that he has been pushing since entering office three years ago, Americans have lost confidence in the administration's ability to turn around the economy. But are we seeing a trend that indicates that Americans have also lost confidence in their own ability to earn a living, care for their families, and continue on themselves? According to a study conducted earlier this year by the Centers for Disease...(Read Full Post)