Another Baby-step for Sharia in America

In a development reported with a front-page jumbo headline in the New York Post, as well as a more subdued NY Times accounting, the US takes one further step -- albeit a tiny one -- toward Islamicization of America. New York City's metered Yellow Cabs are the only ones licensed to pick up street hails and are strictly regulated in every respect by the Taxi & Limousine Commission: from the vehicle's, mechanical specifications to the equipment it must have -- even to the color and design of its exterior. Only a taxi with a license "medallion" may qualify, and such medallions are strictly limited in number, which is why the price they bring is upwards of $700,000. each. Some drivers work with so-called "fleet cabs," which they rent by the day; others own their own cab and medallion (often under a mortgage); and still others own the cab but lease the medallion from its owner. It's this last category that is affected by the new ruling. It seems that the medallion owner, not the vehicle...(Read Full Post)