Al-Qaeda planning 9/11 anniversary attack?

This story was breaking as the president was preparing to give his jobs speech last night, which some critics who possess a lively imagination believe there might be a connection. Brent Baier of Fox News said as much after the speech - that the White House was manipulating the news for maximum effect. I don't find that credible for the simple reason that the last thing the White House wanted was a distraction from Obama's jobs speech. It was clear from the way he delivered the speech that the president believes his proposals will help create enough jobs to kick start employment. The fact that the chances of that happening are slim and none is beside the point. Like everything else they have tried - and failed at - these guys, clueless though they might be, actually think their ideas will help. That said, how much more serious is this threat than any of the dozens of others that have appeared on our threat radar over the last 10 years? ABC News: U.S. authorities are scrambling to sort...(Read Full Post)