'Active measures' and the truthers

For anyone who cares to look, there is an enormous body of "evidence" supporting varied accusations that 9-11 was a "false flag" attack, perpetrated by the CIA and/or the Israeli Mossad.  The quantity, quality, and pervasiveness of this disinformation begs a question -  where exactly does it originate?  If it is deliberate in nature, what is it's purpose? In March, AT contributor Bernie Reeves wrote a piece discussing what are known as "active measures": The key question is: will [book author] Ferguson in his [upcoming] TV series lay the blame for the dismantling of Western civilization where it belongs? Squarely on the Soviets and KGB "active measures" -- and their co-conspirators, the Left in the US and other Western nations, who carried the attack into academia and continue their dirty work well past the collapse of the USSR? Check up on what Bill Ayers is up to and you will get the picture. The West has been infiltrated and defeated right under our noses. It is...(Read Full Post)