A Day that will live in Idiocy

They really should know better than to spout stuff like this. Last night, a Democrat mouthpiece on Hannity compared the Speaker's refusal of Obama's address to Congress on the same night as the Republican debates as comparable to denying FDR the opportunity to address a joint session of Congress following Pearl Harbor. Aside from the well-deserved ridicule such a comparison begs, the sheer audacity of such a ploy would require some degree of admiration were it not so monumentally arrogant.  Desperation breeds audacity and audacity is very often correctly viewed as arrogance.  Arrogance is also far too often the handmaiden of incompetence.  With the fumbling, bumbling, continued  crumbling of the Obama administration, the world is bearing witness to just about every manifestation of arrogance an administration can employ in its desperation to survive, arrogance equaled only by the bold ineptitude with which it is employed. This latest, ill-advised attempt to upstage...(Read Full Post)