Winners and losers in WI recall races

Interesting list created by JSOnline columnist Daniel Bice of winners a losers in the recall election. A few samples: Gov. Scott Walker - Winner. Yes, he disappeared from the public eye in recent weeks. Yes, he has lost a little of his swagger. But his agenda was not derailed after less than eight months in office. That would have been huge. Instead, he will have Republican majorities in both legislative houses - even if the one in the Senate is razor-thin. The bottom line: He can push forward with his policies, albeit a bit more cautiously. We are Wisconsin - Loser. What happened to the unions' much-lauded ground game? They dumped up to $20 million in the state and ended up with just two Senate seats. That's a lot of money to shore up the Democratic minority in one legislative chamber. The number could even dwindle to one net seat if Republican Kim Simac pulls an upset over Democratic Sen. Jim Holperin next week. [...] Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Loser. This marks two...(Read Full Post)