Will Obama Change His Attitude Toward the Tea Party?

The White House suggestion box must be chock full of advice about the elusive Tea Party.  Ever since the "astroturf" "racist" "terrorists " showed up for a 9/12/09 rally in DC,  the President's advisers have been thumbing through dog-eared copies of Alinsky's playbook trying to figure out how  to neutralize smiling, hearty, determined  middle-aged taxpayers carrying lawn chairs. Last week after the GOP debate, David Axelrod accused the Republican contenders of "pledging allegiance to the tea party." A new DNC video utilizes a "guilt by association" tactic saying "Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates are "embracing extreme tea party policies."  Obama's PR people hope to lump all GOP candidates together under the tea party banner in an effort to finally freeze the target. But now with Obama's base of far-left radicals, blacks, white middle-class independents and millennials deserting him his hopes for a second term are fading. Can he...(Read Full Post)