Where's the Islamophobia?

The media, academics, activist groups, and a few politicians have promoted the view that Islamophobia is raging across America. The opposition to the location of the 9/11 Mosque, efforts to criticize the adoption of Sharia law in America, attempts to restrict the viewing of the anti-Semitic and anti-American Al Jazeera network on cable stations in America were seen as manifestations of Islamophobia in America. The latest and most reprehensible example of this trend has been the Center for American Progress report that there is a predominantly Jewish-funded effort to stoke prejudice towards Muslims (a report broadcast far and wide by Al Jazeera). So how goes that Islamophobia? The highly-regarded Pew Research Center decided to poll the supposed victims of Islamophobia. The findings? Muslims are very happy in America and with the communities in which they live and work. From the Jerusalem Post: With the 10th anniversary of the al-Qaida attacks on New York and the Pentagon...(Read Full Post)