We Stood United and Won In Wisconsin!

Hi Patriots. Please pardon my crudeness, but I am soooo excited. We kicked butt in Wisconsin! I'm talkin' We The People led by a small band of UNITED patriots! Wisconsin Democrats attempted to punish six Republicans for siding with Gov. Walker against the tyrannous Teachers Union by demanding a recall. Patriots rallied around these six courageous Republicans and won. The recall failed. Patriot troops represented in the Wisconsin skirmish were Tea Party Express, Patriot Action Network, Freedom Works, Tea Party Nation, Radio Patriot Blog and The Campaign To Defeat Obama, all joined forces along with your generous financial support to win the day. That's what i'm talkin' about! I was recently banned from a blog for mentioning another tea party group. This is the kind of ego driven silliness the left loves. Patriots, we have only one enemy, Obama-zilla!; not other tea party groups. Obama-zilla is the monstrous fire breathing dragon consuming every ounce of freedom and liberty in his path;...(Read Full Post)