UK Riots Blamed on Liberals

Peter Hitchens, the conservative brother of Christopher Hitchens, has written a magnificent polemic in the Daily Mail laying the blame for the British insurrection at the feet of the liberals, whose policies have produced the social decay underlying the pillage and destruction. After lamenting the innocent victims, he notes: I am not really very sorry for the elite liberal Londoners who have suddenly discovered what millions of others have lived with for decades.  The mass criminality in the big cities is merely a speeded-up and concentrated version of life on most large estates - fear, intimidation, cruelty, injustice, savagery towards the vulnerable and the  different, a cold sneer turned towards any plea for pity, the awful realisation that when you call for help from the authorities, none  will come. (snip) No doubt they will find ways to save themselves. But they will not save the country. Because even now they will not admit that all their ideas are wrong, and...(Read Full Post)