They Cannot Intimidate Us

The Obama Administration's newly rolled out anti-terrorist strategy is as purposefully vague as it is downright thuggish. The 12-page strategy (PDF), which outlines ways to respond to violent extremism, promises that: "We will continue to closely monitor the important role the Internet and social-networking sites play in advancing violent extremist narratives." Sounds eerily similar to the DHS' 2009 statement on right wing extremism, doesn't it? Since all of us who are solely guilty of wanting politicians to exercise fiscal responsibility have been branded terrorists by all sorts of progressives from the Vice President to many congressional Democrats - not to mention the media types - I am willing to bet that we are the "terrorists" the Administration is referring to. The aim obviously is to intimidate and squash anti-Obama rhetoric ahead of the coming elections but once again they are miscalculating badly.  You see, intimidation requires the other side to be fearful.  We...(Read Full Post)