The United States is Greece

It is now becoming clear that the world is headed into another financial crisis.  There is now a growing list of countries facing serious problems and potential insolvency.   Some nations such as France are now being added to the list; however among the worst is the United States.   There has been much conversation that the United States is becoming Greece and in fact it is well on the road to passing that country as the most profligate and most dangerous to the global economy. In a recent American Thinker article by Steve McCann, a national insolvency index was promulgated which reveals those countries facing the worst crises and why.  In essence the index is a combination of the annual budget deficit as a percent of Gross Domestic Product and the current unemployment rate.  From the article: The accelerated level of deficit spending, except in times of a major war (such as World War II), is indicative of a lack of fiscal discipline and tax...(Read Full Post)