The Stock Market is Making Me Nauseous

Last summer I posted an entry in the AT blog entitled The Stock Market is Making Me Dizzy. In that piece I bemoaned the - what seemed at the time - wild gyrations in the stock market.  I pointed out that as a newly retired person, it was very difficult to know how to position and manage my 401(k) funds if I had no idea what the short-term -- much less long-term -- trend of the stock market was going to be.  I worried that the current moment resembled 1934 in that Bush-Obama was startling similar to Hoover-FDR and I wondered whether the upcoming fall election would channel that of 1934 or 1994. Fortunately it was the latter. Of course we are all wondering whether the election of 2012 will mirror those of 1936 and 1996 or of 1980, but that history is still 15 months from being written. At the moment, the market is even wilder than it was last summer.  The daily gyrations are worse both in frequency and amplitude.  The prognosticators are all over the map with their...(Read Full Post)