The Rule of Lawlessness

Mark Levin, the conservative philosopher of the airways, reminded me recently of what Milton Freidman once said: Why is it considered nobler when a politician spends your money than when you spend your money? Which begs the following questions. Why has society embraced such a mindset? Why are so many in the West again falling for the failed economic beliefs of Marx, Engels, Keynes and the radical environmentalists? What has caused teenagers and even pre-teenagers in Britain, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, and Lord knows where else, to riot, burn businesses, loot and beat up innocent passers-by? Why do they act as demented and feral human beings, while claiming that they hate the rich and the world owes them everything? How has a generation been spawned that is devoid of basic morality? Why has such a large percentage of young people no understanding of right or wrong, is devoid of Judeo-Christian values and civilization, and rejects personal ambition or initiative? Why does it dismiss so...(Read Full Post)