The perfect symbol for an administration of academic theoreticians

Hats off to Michelle Malkin for bringing to wide attention the perfect symbol of a government of talkers, not doers.    "Inspired by President Obama's "Sputnik moment" speech back in January, the government-sponsored Smithsonian Institute has launched a new blog called 'Department of Innovation'. (snip) Sharp-eyed reader Rob M. certainly found the "Department of Innovation's logo entertaining. You will, too. Take a closer look:   The person who designed the logo, Jamie Simon, has quite clearly never worked with any machinery using gears, for the configuration presented is locked in motionlessness.  In addition, as one commenter on the Smithsonian's website, where the logo was featured, wrote: The gear pitch (space between tooth centers) is not consistent. I realize that it's a logo and not a technical drawing, but it hurts my eyes to look at it. Even if the small gears were separated, the gears would likely jam during the first revolution..." Hat...(Read Full Post)