'The other guy won'

Nobody loves the debt ceiling compromise. Does that mean it is a true compromise? Certainly, that is a theme found in left and some establishment right commentary. The debt ceiling deal reached in the Senate, touted in a Sunday evening presidential address (video here), has the left claiming that the Tea Party has a major victory, Charles Krauthammer urging the Tea Party to declare "victory" and demobilize, Speaker Boehner claiming it is a good deal (see his PowerPoint presentation here), and most Tea Party  conservatives wary of the devil lurking in the details. We have been snookered before on spending cuts promised in the years ahead, but at least no immediate tax hikes are in prospect.  Randall Hoven tweets: "What did we give 'em?" "$2,400,000,000,000." "What did we get?" "Promises to be good, in 10 years. Something about triggers. Magic beans." As for the "other guy": Chuck Schumer's take-away from debt deal: "We got the $2.4T. We don't have to do anything now. All's...(Read Full Post)