The Idle Poor and Sturdy Rogues

    Although the recent rioting in England has been a much needed wakeup call, certainly for the media, the signs of rot in English society have been there for years. As Theodore Dalrymple, the physician turned social commentator and editor of The New English Review writes. The ferocious criminality exhibited by an uncomfortably large section of the English population during the current riots has not surprised me in the least. I have been writing about it, in its slightly less acute manifestations, for the past 20 years. To have spotted it required no great perspicacity on my part; rather, it took a peculiar cowardly blindness, one regularly displayed by the British intelligentsia and political class, not to see it and not to realize its significance. There is nothing that an intellectual less likes to change than his mind, or a politician his policy. The rot has been accelerating since the post-Thatcher years.  The riots have highlighted the mindset that has elevated...(Read Full Post)