The 'Green Jobs' chimera

Dr. Milton R. Wolf has a great piece in the Washington Times about the failure of Obama's green policies to create jobs. The president recently toured Johnson Controls Inc., a Michigan company that received $300 million from "Obama's stash" to create - drumroll, please - a whopping 150 jobs. Do the math: That's $2 million per green job. And this is the company the White House chooses to showcase? Evergreen Solar, a Massachusetts company, also received stimulus money, but the White House that is "the most open and transparent in history" won't say how much, only that Evergreen is "hoping to hire 90 to 100 people." Instead, it declared bankruptcy and shipped 800 jobs overseas. Well, so much for green jobs. Should we be surprised? During the campaign, Mr. Obama held up Spain's green initiatives as a blueprint for America. We now know that the Spaniards lost 2.2 actual jobs for each "green job" they created. Some blueprint. Consider ethanol. The government takes billions of dollars from...(Read Full Post)