Testy exchanges mark Iowa debate

Eight Republicans squared off in Ames, Iowa last night for a lively debate that featured several testy exchanges between some of the candidates. The two Minnesotans in the race - Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty - had some particularly tense moments. ABC News: Pawlenty did not back off the frequent criticism of Bachmann he deploys in his campaign stump speeches, saying that she does not have enough executive experience to be president and no record of accomplishment in Congress. For her part, Bachmann said that Pawlenty's record as governor of Minnesota "sounds a lot more like Barack Obama, if you ask me." At one point, she turned toward Pawlenty, accusing him on implementing a cap-and-trade energy policy, a government-mandated health insurance plan and of falling short of his promise to shrink the size of government. Pawlenty shook his head as she spoke. "I'm really surprised that Congresswoman Bachmann would say those things," he fired back. "She has a record of misstating and...(Read Full Post)