Should we give Obama a break on his vacation time?

David Frum thinks we should: How do you score partisan points against a president who looks to have won a military victory in Libya at very low cost? Simple: Attack him for being away from Washington at a summer house when the victory was won. That line of attack was tested by some Republican talkers and bloggers this weekend. I wonder if we'll hear more of it in the coming days. Almost nothing in American politics drives more people to say more ridiculous things than the subject of presidential summer vacations. Back during the George W. Bush years, Democrats sneered and scoffed at the 43rd president's extended visits to his Crawford, Texas, ranch. Where was the guy's work ethic? Now the shoe is on the other foot. President Barack Obama has, for the second summer in a row, rented an expensive compound on the Atlantic island of Martha's Vineyard. What a snob! Let's dial back and introduce some reality to this partisan point-scoring. The president of the United States never gets a...(Read Full Post)