Salazar loses lawsuit, American energy wins

The policies of Ken Salazar, Mr. Obama's Secretary of the Department of Interior, continue to obstruct domestic oil and gas exploration and risk shutting down domestic energy production. We already know about Mr. Salazar's crippling red-tape bottleneck that slow-walks paperwork to plague offshore drilling and production.  Even though a few offshore drilling permits have been issued this year, lingering damage inflicted by the Salazar-Obama moratorium remains. Mr. Salazar always has a new trick up his sleeve, as we see in the report on Salazar pulling leases which the Federal Government had already offered at public auction and had accepted winning bids, meaning an agreement was in place.  In some places such conduct is considered a breach of contract.  With another of his tricks, Mr. Salazar imposed red tape to obstruct onshoredrilling on some federal oil and gas leases.  The Western Energy Alliance sued the Federal...(Read Full Post)