Rove says Palin will run

He was largely responsible for getting George W. Bush elected twice so you can't just dismiss his speculation as the idle chatter of the political class. Karl Rove thinks that Sarah Palin is gearing up for a presidential campaign and will announce it over Labor Day weekend in Iowa: Former Bush advisor Karl Rove says he believes former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will enter the Republican presidential race sometime around Labor Day. Appearing on Fox News Saturday morning, Rove said Palin "has a schedule next week that looks like that of a candidate, not a celebrity." Rove also cited a new campaign-style video Palin has released on her recent visit to the Iowa State Fair as evidence Palin is gearing up for a run. Palin will be the keynote speaker at the Tea Party of America's "Restoring America" event in Iowa September 3. The event location was recently moved from Waukee, Iowa, to Indianola, Iowa to accommodate a larger crowd. "This is her last chance," Rove said. "She either gets...(Read Full Post)